All about me

“I have participated in different Design fields and stages, providing to the costumer a “plus” when they acquire an item; this “plus” holds a value and they attach it to a personal meaning that can be different from one buyer to another. I know I am designing not only to produce the best solution, but also to generate emotions.” – Hilda Moreno

Product Creator, Designer, Developer and Promoter.

Born and raised in Monterrey México, I had the luck to have 2 older brothers to learn from and my wonderful parents to guide me through life.

Always inspired by signs, love, music, beauty, nature and travels.

“Think outside the box” is my favorite quote.

Currently living in Norway, I happen to be excited for the challenges and fears of new roads; always making ideas for products and concepts as long as I´m awake (and sometimes even sleeping!).

Find an Inspirational job and design to create emotions, those are my plans 🙂 .

Now let’s talk about my work:
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